Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some awesomely good news!

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I had a lot going on this week so i wasn't able to get alot of reviews in:( But i did get to finish a butt load of great books that i think everyone will really like! I have a ton of reviews coming up, i'm thinking about one everyday this week to compensate for the lack of them last week! What do you think?? :)

My Milestones Giveaway concluded October 2. and the winner Rebecca N. should be getting her copy next week! If you didn't win Milestones have no fear! I have another giveaway coming soon, like actually within the next couple of days! So look out for that...

I haven't posted in my mailbox yet but i'll try to get it done later today! I'm really excited about the couple of books i got this week and i hope you are too!

On another note, i'm going to do a little photo shoot with me and my bookshelves so i can create a new banner- the blog is getting a bit old and i need to spice it up! Anywho, keep checking my blog out and staytuned for the VERY cool giveaway i'm having! I KNOW you'll love it!

Yours Truly,

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