Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A little about me...


My name's Christina and I'm blogging straight to you from San Antonio, Texas! Other then reading I have an immense passion for writing, when I graduate from highschool next year I'm going straight to college to become a teacher and get my degree in English! I'm 16 about to be 17 on July 19th and another love of mine is volleyball:) Im on the varsity team and just recently won MVP for my junior year! Cool huh? Well of course I have to talk about books... Well my favorite book is not a YA novel at all, it's actually Call of the WIld by Jack London! Haha My absolute favorite author has to be Ellen Hopkins, her books Burned and Impulse are some of the best books I've ever read! MY favorite movie has to be Bubble Boy, yeah I know I'm a loser! And my favorite band is Tegan and Sara! Oh and speaking about music... for every book I read I will be posting a personal playlist on my music page and every week I will recognize a special author that has recieved a lot of praise or recognition! And I will be posting a Books into Movies and Novel News page that follows the latest gossip and new releases! Thats all for now but expect the first review up by tomorrow!

Dont mention it!
The Reader Girl Christina :)

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