Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Writers Wednesday!

I got this idea from Just Your Typical Book Blog and you can read their first post here.

For the next 2 weeks of NanoWriMo im going to post little clips of my novel- This Is Where You Are. It's more of a Sarah Dessen type of novel but I love it! I've been moving so fast with it, i'm over half way done! I even made a little cover for it!

(You Like?)

Here's a little summary-

The last thing Demi Rowe wants to do is fall in love with Roman Belle- rich, over-the-top and too flashy for the small town of Bones in which they live in. But after a series of unfortunate and heartbreaking events, Demi finds out that Roman is more then big houses and a Doctor's son. Through love, unexpected circumstances and unbearable tragedy, Demi learns what it takes to fall in love and the importance of family.

Roman Belle has been in love with Demi Rowe since he first laid eyes on her freshman year but his wealth and her abusive boyfriend keep them apart. After saving Demi from a potentially life threatening situation and showing her who he really is, not just the rich boy with a nice car, she learns to love him. Roman couldn't be happier and through everything they experience after that one fateful night they fall in love and take life in stride.

Does it sound a little cheesy? Well guess what! I dont care:) dont make fun! lol It's from two points of views, Roman's and Demi's, in case you're wondering why there two parts to the summary.

Here's my first snippet. Its actually the first paragraph in which i am deeply unconditionally in love with!

Chapter 1

Demi Rowe

He was sitting behind me on the first day of school, just sitting there like a stone statue staring at my back. I felt his eyes burning into me but tried not to grow irritated, I sighed heavily and kept my eyes on the whiteboard in front of me. Roman Belle-Did he know how stalker like he was? Or did he get a kick out of making me so uncomfortable? After a terribly long forty five minutes of this, the bell finally rang. I got up in a rush but my books fell unmercifully to my feet.

“Let me get those for you.” He whispered attentively.

“I got them.” I spat back, more then enough venom in my voice. His eyes widened and he bowed his head apologetically. Really, I didn’t even know why I hated him so damn much; it must be something about his fancy cars and designer clothes that rubbed me the wrong way. He lives in Bones, Michigan for Pete’s sake! There’s no one to impress here in this small town, no one except for me that is.

And here's another little piece from Roman:) He is the nice guy who always finishes last and i am currently in love with him!

Roman Belle

It’s not like I needed to give Demi more reasons to hate me…especially ratting out her abusive boyfriend. Sending him to jail would be about the millionth and two reason why she loathed every fiber of my being.

The funny thing is I don’t exactly know what the first million and one reasons are but ever since I can remember she has absolutely despised me. Yet, I still try to impress her every chance I get; I always wear the best clothes, drive in the fanciest cars, I even played match maker with my brothers and her sisters. What else can a man do to make a girl fall in love? I try to be polite and be more out going, even go to the stupid Christmas parties her dad hosts! I’d probably jump off a bridge for her…maybe that’s exactly what she wants me to do- jump off a bridge. Ever since my adoptive brothers and I moved to Bones freshman year, I always had an eye for her, not even noticing anyone else.

That didn’t seem to matter to her though, she avoided me like leprosy. The harder I fell, the less subtle she was about hating me. No matter how hard I try I just can’t get her to see my way, and it’s even worse now that Jacob’s here. They started going out last year and she looked almost relieved to have someone to protect her from me. The thing is, his protecting went way too far and anyone who paid close enough attention to her could see that that was no ordinary relationship. It didn’t take Autumn telling me to know something was up.

So what do you think? :)  You can visit my profile/add me as a buddy/ read another excerpt on the website here!



  1. That cover is simply gorgeous. The book itself sounds like it might be just a pleasant read. Yeah, it does goes for cheesy. Sometimes cheesy isn't a bad frame of mind. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you posted one!

    First, I adore the cover you made! I like the idea of your story, and how you introduced them. I want to read more of Roman :) (I'm such a character whore!)

  3. I think you right beautifully, and I definitely want to read more. The cover is gorgeous, too. How did you make it?

  4. You WRITE beautifully, that it. UGH! And to think, I'm a writing teacher! :-)

  5. You write beautifully that IS. I am just on fire today! :-P


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