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Writers Wednesday!

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This next tid bit is a pivitol point in the story. Roman rescues Demi from her idiot boyfriend and really, its the first time Demi realizes she needs him.

Chapter 6

Roman Belle

The overwhelming need to protect her pulled me towards the door. Everyone was staring at me now, urging me to go outside and see what was going on. The suspense was slowly starting to eat away at the entire group. Why should I care what happens to her though? All night she’s been giving me the cold shoulder, not even giving me a smile or one friendly glance. Aside from the conversation we had today, nothing’s changed. Yet, I can’t escape this nagging feeling of anger and the need to check up on her. I needed to do something because there’s nothing more I want right now then her safety, for her to be here in my arms. I pushed the chair in quickly and nearly sprinted to the door.

At the entrance, I closed my eyes in anticipation for what I was about to see and stepped outside slowly. The scene was gruesome and I’ve never before felt so mad, so intently furious as I did at that moment. Demi sat cowering in a ball on the concrete floor with a bloody nose; her hands covering her head in an effort to stop Jacob’s next blow. While I made this observation Jake turned my way and walked up to me slowly, I flinched at the strong and sickening smell of alcohol on his breath. He must have been swimming in it with how bad he smelt.

“You out here to play the hero?” He slurred and smiled.
“What the hell are you doing?!” I yelled at him as I shoved him out of my way and picked up Demi slowly. Her body was fragile and weak, with all the blood pouring from her nose and I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and pressed it against her face.

“No Roman!” She cried softly, trying meekly to protest. Jacob wobbled and made his way to me feebly trying to shove me as I shrugged him off and led Demi to my car.

“So you’re going with him then?!” He shouted furiously. “Go with him then you dumb slut!” He screamed over and over again. I looked down at Demi and could tell this hit her especially hard. Her low cries turned into loud sobs. Jake was long gone by the time we got to my car, having given up tormenting her for the rest of the night. I sighed heavily as I set Demi in the passenger seat and she slumped limply into place.

“Don’t take me home.” She cried.

“I won’t.” I assured her.

The next morning Demi wakes up and immedietly regrets giving in to Roman. However, Roman tries to convince Demi that she really does love him and just as Demi is about to change her mind, his brother walks in with some startling and conflicting news. Ahhh! I love this part! It's sad/funnyand heart wrenching!

Chapter 7

Demi Rowe

The morning was frosty cold. I could feel a slight breeze and I hugged myself tighter in the blankets. What’s this though? Cold foreign arms wrapped my naked body?! I froze stiff until I heard his voice,

“Good morning Love.” Roman purred.

“Umm good morning.” I replied shaky and unsure. This had to be the epitome of embarrassing, I launched myself up and scrambled for my clothes. My body ached and throbbed in places they never did before. Oh my God! Did I just have sex with Roman Belle?! I paused for about three seconds after I finished getting dressed, Roman was laying on the bed with his brow furrowed, baffled and confused.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Leaving.” I replied lifelessly.

“You can’t tell me you regret what happened last night?” He asked astonished.

“Yeah actually I can! Roman, you seduced me while I was hurt and vulnerable. Do you really think I was in the right state of mind at the time? Because I wasn’t! God, this is so totally wrong! I feel sick!” I grabbed my stomach feeling the dinner from last night resurfacing. I looked at Roman who was now clothed and pacing the length of the room nervously.

“You’re not pregnant are you?!” He asked panicked.

“God no!” I screeched, offended. Just then Joey walked in abruptly and gasped, he stared wide eyed for a long while and then let out a howl of laughter. He grabbed his stomach and tears rolled down his face.

“Did you… I can’t believe you...oh my...Alex!” He called for his brother who appeared at the door quickly and began chuckling at the scene. I covered my now crimson face and shivered in embarrassment. Joey reached to high five Roman who pushed his hand away roughly.

“Get out Joey!” He yelled ferociously. I looked up at his also red face and realized it was because of anger not humiliation. Joey and Alex backed away still laughing and closed the door.
“Demi I love you.” Roman whispered looking down at the floor now upset. I felt a tinge of guilt and my own brand of sadness tug at my heart strings.

“Im sorry Roman, I just don’t see you like that! I don’t know what came over me last night but that wasn’t truly me…” He walked up to me and interrupted my speech mid sentence by cupping my face in his hands and kissing me fervently.

“You love me…I know you do. Just please tell me you love me.” He said softly while resting his head against mine. I looked up at him feeling the same fire I felt last night before I stupidly attacked him. Did I really love him? Or was I just unwillingly stuck in this messed up situation? I knew the truth but achingly deprived myself of it. Just before I was about to give in Joey burst through the door unexpectedly. He looked away from our embrace and talked to the ground while holding out a phone.

“Demi it’s for you, its Evie.” I jumped towards him and grabbed the phone in a rush.

“E? Come pick me up!”

“Dems? There’s been an accident! Jacobs in the hospital, he’s really hurt!” My mouth dropped and the room started to spin. Just a minute ago I was about to confess my love for Roman Belle, now I’m faced with the haunting memory of Jacob Lewis. I felt the old quiver of worry I got when people called about him and questioned my thoughts completely. I couldn’t love Roman, at least not fully; I was still in love with Jacob. After everything he’s done to me I continue to stupidly love the wrong guy. What’s my problem?


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