Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

The second annual BBAW is taking place between September 14-18!

BBAW is a week set aside in September to give thanks to those great book blogs out there! As a new blogger and reviewer, i am completely grateful and happy about my blogging experience and the great people i've got to meet through this. Now is the time to vote for your favorite blogs so that they know just how much you appreciate there input and outlook on your favorite books.

As all of us out there in the book reviewing world- books maybe the greatest thing out there. For some of us, it is even an escape from our otherwise boring our catastrophic lives. I love reading and it is one of my number one favorite things to do when it comes to my free time so Book Blogger Appreciation Week sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

Catagories Include-  

  • Best Non-fiction Review Blog

  • Best Kidlit Blog

  • Best YA Review Blog

  • Best Romance Blog

  • Best Design

  • Best Name for Blog

  • Best Published Author Blog

  • Best New blog
Please register here to participate! All bloggers are encouraged to vote, even if you are not an reviewer! Your voice counts and you will help decide who is deserving of these awards! VOTE NOW!

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