Saturday, June 13, 2009

Don't Think Twice

Don't Think Twice
by Ruth Pennebaker
Rating: Great
Pages: 262
Anne Harper, seventeen, pregnant, and living in a home for unwed mothers, is determined to not care. She will give up her baby for adoption, go back to school, and forget this mistake ever happened. As the weeks pass, this teenager with hard hitting yet hilarious sense of sarcasm comes to realize that what is growing inside her is not just a child but also a new awareness of herself.
If you love the movie Juno, you'll love this funny and interesting novel by Ruth Pennebaker. I read this book a long time ago but when i saw it a lying in this old book store ll negected and stuff i just had to rescue it and read it again! Now Anne is a very sarcastic, grumpy girl the whole story. She refuses to even think of her baby as an actual life growing inside of her, as the story progresses she starts to realize that with this new child she also must fashion a new personality. Looking back at her life, she realizes she was not happy at all and what she wants to do now is become a better more sincere person. She starts out hating every inch of the unwed mothers home but then slowly starts to see that this is more of a home then she ever had. Through new friendships and experiences, she finds that life might not be that bad at all and maybe just maybe she can learn from this terrible but eye-opening experience. This is definitly a darkly intense but funny coming of age novels for even regular girls who are not pregnant- Anne's journey might even open your eyes a little bit!

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