Thursday, June 18, 2009


by Gabrielle Zevin
Rating: Incredible!
Difficulty: Normal
Pages: 291



A man called N. travels to Margarettown with a woman he loves named Margaret Towne, inhabited solely by four women: Old Margaret, who is 77; 50-something Marge; 17-year-old Mia; and 7-year-old tomboy May. The novel is cast as a letter written by a dying N. to his and Margaret's daughter relaying their courtship and marriage.


So being that i love Gabrielle Zevin so much i just had to read her first novel. Margarettown is half fantasy, half real life. Divided into six parts it tells the story of a women named Margaret who is cursed with (or possibly already possesed) the power to be multiple women at once. This man, solely named N., is writing a letter to his daughter Jane on his death bed and is telling the story of her mother and him meeting and how they found themselves in a strange kind of love. My favorite part of the book and an absolute must read in all literature itself is Susurrus- this section of the book basically tells the part of Jane and her brother Ian, starting in the womb and making their way through Margarette's pregancy. Both sad and astonishingly funny Susurrus is a heart warming addition to this love-hate kind of fairy tale. You wouldn't exactly call this a YA novel but it is definitely a fantastic book. The book kind of lets you decide for yourself on things and lets your imagination run wild. If you love Gabrielle Zevin or "Elsehwere" style books, this is definitly a must have!!!

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