Friday, June 5, 2009


by Ellen Hopkins
Ratings: Incredible!
Difficulty: Between Advanced and Normal
Identical Pictures, Images and Photos
Raeanne and Kaeleigh Gardella are the teenage daughters of two successful parents: dad Ray is a prominent judge and mom Kay is expected to win an upcoming senatorial election. The Gardella family is busy, with Kay mostly on the road campaigning and Ray working long hours. The girls have school to occupy them, but while Kaeleigh is involved in typical extracurricular activities, Raeanne spends most of her free time with her drug dealer, smoking pot, drinking and having sex. At home, both girls self-medicate, drinking from their father's bottles and emptying his pill bottles. It soon becomes apparent why: ever since a tragic car accident years ago, Ray has been sexually abusing Kaeleigh.
Now i don't know if i ever said this before but one of my absolute favorite authors is Ellen Hopkins! All of her books, in which are all intensely mesmerizing and wonderfully disturbing, are written in verse. When you first see this book you're going to think-wow what have i gotten myself into? it looks huge! but in all actuality it not as long as it looks. When a book is written in verse it gives a new rhythm to whatever the auhor is writing. This author for one, knows just how to pull at my heart sttrings and leaving begging for more! I've read all of her books, who's reviews are definitly coming up, and i have to say they all capture both the heartache and happiness of these teens. Identical is one of those books that keep you guessing the whole time- told from two different points of view Raeanne andKaeleigh, the two main characters, are identical twins with opposite lifestyles. They couldn't be more different on the inside. As the book progresses it starts to reveal a shocking and terrifying secret about their homelives and their destructive family. This book is actually beyond incredible- Ellen hopkins is definitley a must read author...and that means all of her books!


  1. I ADORED the ending to this book. It was absolutely magnificent.

  2. This wasn't my favorite one by Ellen, but the ending was so different but yet so amazing.



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