Monday, June 29, 2009

The Kiss

The Kiss
by Kathryn Harrison
Rating: Incredible
Difficulty: Normal
Pages: 207

We meet at airport. We meet in cities where we've never been before. We meet where no one will recognize us.A "man of God" is how someone described my father to me. I don 't remember who. Not my mother. I'm young enough that I take the words to mean he has magical properties and that he is good, better than other people.With his hand under my chin, my father draws my face toward his own. He touches his lips to mine. I stiffen.I am frightened by the kiss. I know it wrong, and its wrongness is what lets me know, too, that it is a secret.


Every once in a while there is a book that you just can't get out of your head, whether its because it has a great lesson or just makes you skin crawl, theres always one book. The Kiss is a memoir of the authors personal betrayal by her father. It starts off by just a simple a-little-to-friendly kiss between her father and her and then escalates to an insane obsession between the two. This book is haunting and terrifying and disgusting and sad all at the same time. It really broke my heart. This story might be to hard for some people so i dont recommend it for everyone but if you're looking for a compelling thought provoking book, this is it. You roam around the mind of this author experiencing her pain and anguish over her sexually abusive father and distant mother. This is a must read as long as you can handle it!

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