Saturday, June 27, 2009

In My Mailbox (2)

This week has been somewhat of disappointment book-buying-wise. The only thing I can find even a little bit enlightening about it is that I found an amazing bargain priced book called The Kiss. I just finished reading Crank and the review will be up soon but other then that nothing buzz worthy has happened:(

The Kiss
by Kathryn Harrison

We meet at airport. We meet in cities where we've never been before. We meet where no one will recognize us.A "man of God" is how someone described my father to me. I don 't remember who. Not my mother. I'm young enough that I take the words to mean he has magical properties and that he is good, better than other people.With his hand under my chin, my father draws my face toward his own. He touches his lips to mine. I stiffen.I am frightened by the kiss. I know it wrong, and its wrongness is what lets me know, too, that it is a secret.


  1. That sounds like a great book! I'm excited for your review :)


  2. It was a very scary book! But a definite must read!



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